Friday, August 8, 2008

08-08-08 ... The Perfect Day to Start a Blog

The Bejing 2008 Olympic Games begin and this "Belle" has started a blog. God Bless America! I have been a lurker for quite some time now and OH how I love to read a blog ... it has become an addiction, an obsession, a sickness even! Beau (what we will call my hubby) and I were having dinner the other night and our conversation went something like this:

Belle: So my friend just found out she was pregnant and they are thinking of naming the baby either _____ or _____. Aren't those names cute?!?!

Beau: Yep. Who is pregnant?

Belle: Well you don't know her. I read her blog.

Beau: Do you know her?

Belle: Ummmmm, not in real life.

Beau: Will you do me a favor? (in a tone as if he is going to ask me to get the butter out of the fridge)

Belle: Sure...

Beau: Would you try not to refer to these people as your friends...that is really weird! You talk like you have lunch with them daily.

Now that I have gone and exemplified what a FA-REAK I am you may never come back! But seriously, I probably read at least 10 blogs a day and they are all so fabulous, I feel like I truly know these people. All my lurking has given me the itch to start my own and I am excited to share my stories with all of you. I hope to use my blog as an "online scrapbook" as Beau and I start this new chapter of our lives. **I know, I know. That sounded wayy corny. But I am a newlywed remember ... we have only been married for 2 months. I am allowed to be a little bit corny! hehe :)



Anonymous said...

So exciting! I love it!

LyndsAU said...

Too cute. That is exactly how I feel about celebrity life :) ha!

tracypartyof4 said...

Too funny!

MEGAN said...

Hello there. Found your blog from Kelly's (whom I don't know either, because I live in CA). I read a LOT of blogs, and I don't know anyone, but I definitely talk about my 'friends,' and my husband and friends think I'm crazy. Congratulations on your wedding!

Tracy said...

I was a lurker on Kelly's blog also. You inspired me to finally leave a comment and then of course I had to come check you out also.

Like you, I love reading blogs.

Great start to your blog! It's fun, huh?

Buttons and Sas said...

Hi! I also found you through Kelly's! Congrats on your new blog. We have just started one too...

Kelly said...

Ha ha ha ha!!! I'm the same way. I lurk on a ton of blogs and I've referred to these people as my friends and Scott just rolls his eyes. What is worse is my mom and I read a lot of the same blogs and we will really get talking about it and my dad and Scott will REALLY roll their eyes. They think we are nuts but they love us! :-)
I'm honored that you were talking about me! :-)
Your blog is really cute - i'll be back a lot!

Anonymous said...

hahaha this post is awesome! I totally did the exact some thing!! I am a blog 'stocker' too that's how I found yours!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

i always refer to the bloggers for the blogs i read as "my friends." i met one in person this weekend and will probably meet another in person when south carolina plays florida. then they can become real friends, right? no... all of you are my real friends.