Thursday, August 14, 2008

Get Your Girls and Go!

Last night was "Girls Night" and we went and saw Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2. It was too cute! If you saw the first Sisterhood or read the book and liked it, you will definitely like #2 ...but it really wasn't necessary to have watched the first one to understand the second one. There were 2 girls with us last night who had not seen the first one and it was fine! Go with your girlfriends, your mom, grandmother, sister .... maybe not your husband, it may not be worth the 8 dollars to him :) But it was worth it to me!

And speaking of Girls Night Out, I am in the process of planning a Bachelorette Party for one of very best friends, Taylor. She is getting married on October 5th in Costa Rica and the Beau and I will be in attendance. We cannot wait! I cannot wait to lay on the beach or at the pool or in a hammock. Truthfully I don't care where I lay as long as it is in the sun. The Beau cannot wait to go fishing. All I have heard about is the size of the fish in Costa Rica. It is not our honeymoon ... he can go fishing, he can leave me with a little cash to pamper myself, I will bask in the glory of the Costa Rican sun, and we will be good to go! But I digress, she lives in Atlanta, as do most of the people we have invited, so that is where the party will be. Since she is having a destination wedding with very limited guests she felt funny about having showers and parties so this will be the only one. I really want to make it special! I decided on doing a "Pots & Panties" shower instead of just a regular lingerie shower so she can get some lingerie as well as some essential items that she will need. There is one other bridesmaid that is helping me and we are going to do the actual shower at noon at her house and then we are going to meet back up that evening for dinner and drinks at a place called Loca Luna which will be the actual "Bachelorette Party". The invitations went out over the weekend, they are made by Inviting Company and they turned out great after being printed!
Since the shower is at noon we are going to have sandwiches and wraps catered by Jason'sDeli but we also want to do a few other finger foods/appetizers and an assortment of desserts. Do any of you have any suggestions? What is your favorite shower food or dessert?

For entertainment value we came up with an assortment of questions to ask her fiance, Tyler, and we have videotaped his response to each question. They are just silly questions like "what is your favorite late night snack?" At the shower we will ask Taylor the same questions and have her answer and then play the video with Tyler's response. If they come up with the same answer she will get to open a present. We are trying to think of one more cute idea for some sort of game to keep everyone interested. I know all of you girls have given and/or gone to numerous showers ... help me with some ideas!!!


LyndsAU said...

GASP-You cheated on me and Amber!!!