Thursday, August 21, 2008

Take a seat ... On the floor

So I went to Book Club last night and we had a ball. Everyone seems to be really excited about it! I was relieved when some of the other girls said that they were nervous about reading "grown up books" as well. We decided we would read a good mixture of books, including smutty girl books. Woo Hoo! We mostly socialized, drank wine, and munched on yummy appetizers but we decided that we had to have some organization. We chose a leader, decided which day we would meet every month, who would host, and, most importantly, who would bring the food and drinks each month. The book we will be reading this month is.... Have any of you read this book? I have heard very good things about it but I also heard great things about Kite Runner and it took me 3 months to get through that one! It was a fabulous book, once I finished, but I had to force myself to read it. I must get through this one though ... you can't come unprepared :) We were cracking up last night talking about another book club in town that one of the girls mother is in. It is serious business. The women range from mid-40's to 87 and there are 20 women in the club ... someone literally has to die before someone else can join. How funny is that? Small town stuff for ya. They have a president, a secretary, and (get this) bi-laws! That particular book club has been around for FIFTY years. Crazy, huh?!?

But anyways, here is the kicker! January will be my month to host ... January 14th to be exact. No big deal, right? Wrong! The Beau and I got married in May and we both came in to this marriage with NO furniture. And I am not exagerrating. Zippo. Zilch. Nadda. How this happened, I am not quite sure. For our wedding gift my grandparents let me pick out a sofa and it is gorg-E-ous but all 12 of us cannot sit on that one sofa. The Beau's parents bought us a breakfast table and that fills our dining area. And I bought a pretty sofa table from a local antique shop a couple of months ago. So basically we now have 3 pieces in our living areas. On the bright side, I love everything that we do have because it is all new (and I picked it out) but we are going to need just a few other pieces ... like pronto. What we have is fine just to have another couple over, but 12 folks? This ain't cutting it. This has given me inspiration to get motivated! I am one of those people with buyer's remorse and it's so hard with furniture because its permanent (or at least 5 years permanent) and you have to look at it every single day. I have been contemplating for a couple of months now what I want. The essentials are some type of chair, a coffee table and a side table. The Beau really wants a leather club chair with an ottoman and that is great with me and it will match well with our sofa. Maybe something like this ...

or this (with an ottoman) ...The first one is from Pottery Barn and the second one is from Z-Gallerie. Naturally, the one from PB is my favorite but would you like to know how much it costs? Over $1500 and another $900 for the ottoman. So that is out of the question. The one from Z-Gallerie is nice too, and much cheaper, but I am worried about it being too small. I gotta fill some space! Does anyone have any suggestions of where I can find something similar?

These little guys right here are top on my Christmas list. They are from Pottery Barn and actually are reasonably priced.

If you have any suggestions on furniture buying please send them my way. I need all the help I can get!!

PS- My camera is broken, but I will try to get a picture of my sofa asap so you can see what we are working with/around.



LyndsAU said...

Book club huh? Interesting :) Wish I enjoyed reading :)

Andi said...

I haven't posted on your blog before but I figured I would stop lurking and comment on this. I recently had to search for new furniture too and I've been really impressed with American Signature/Value City. They are owned by the same company. Value City is better but American Signature has a lot of the same products. They have a wide variety and have a lot of really good traditional furniture. It is one of those places where you have to be patient because some of it is a little WT, in the bad way. Pottery Barn outlets are also amazing if you are lucky enough to have one near you.

Anonymous said...

I dont have an account so i have to go anonoymous... ick! Love your blog accidently stumbled across it and now its bookmarked ;) Anywho.. the club chair you like from pottery barn, they have some nearly identical to that at target for 250 and they are super comfy..