Friday, August 29, 2008

Get a piece of this!

Seriously, it will make me feel better. Because I had ... ohhhh .... FOUR! We had a little shindig at the mexican restaurant for mi madre last night. I was in charge of the cake. Take a look at what I conjured up.

Now tell me that's not adorable! It was two layers with chocolate and vanilla. Impressive, no? I was scarfing it down so fast that the Beau said, "Slow down, honey. Nobody is going to take it from you!" Lay off me ... I couldn't get enough in at one time!

Sorry the quality of the pictures are so terrible, all I had was my camera phone.

Okay so I didn't make that cake. I ordered it. You lay off me too! However, that is one of my goals ... to be able to make a cake that cute before my first child's first birthday. Because, yes, I want to be "that mom." But whatever, that's a long time from now :)

Anyhoo, here is a picture of the gang from last night. Some peeps got cut out, sorry bout that!

Good times, good times!



Erica said...

Gorgeous cake! and yes, I want to be that Mom too! Cake decorating is definately a class I want to take!

Tracy said...

This cake looks almost exactly like one I had made for a friend's baby shower. The only difference is that it was blue, green and white.

Tracy said...

Oops...need to clarify. I had the cake made at a bakery ;-) I wish I could be "that mommy" but my patience with baked goods is low. All my patience goes to chasing after a two year old :-) But I can order great!