Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2 Tragic Events

Numero Uno:
I just got back to my hotel room from eating at Ruby Tuesdays (which can be tragic in itself but that is not what I am talking about today). The tragic part is that I ate there ALONE! I have never in all my 24 years eaten at a real, sit-down restaurant all by myself. This is major for me. I travel a good bit with my job so I am used to eating by myself but never in a restaurant. I usually just order something and bring it back to my room or eat in the car when I am in a hurry. I hate to see people sitting by themselves at restaurants, it makes me sad. My dad says that he likes to eat alone, read the paper, and relax but I hate it when he does that! Most folks who eat by themselves probably are fine and prefer to eat alone or they are on business, there are thousands of different reasons they could be eating alone, but for some reason my heart always hurts when I see people eating by themselves.

Anyways, I decided that I would be a big girl tonight and go eat at the restaurant. Let me just tell you, it was not relaxing, it was not fun, and I did not enjoy it one bit. I ordered a sangria to take the edge off and sucked it down in about 2 minutes. Once I ordered and my waiter took away my menu I had nothing to even pretend to be looking at so I reached for my phone - and it was dead! You have to be kidding me. So I just sat there all alone in a restaurant that, by the way, smelled like urine. Sick! The Belle is having a pity party and will never do that again!

At least 90210 premiers for 2 whole hours tonight. I ate dinner at 5:00 just to ensure I will be home in time to watch every second of it!

Numero Dos:
You probably already know where this is going. I get back from the restaurant, iron my clothes for tomorrow, packed up my bag because I am checking out early in the morning, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and crawled in to my big, comfy, king-sized bed. The little piece of paper beside my bed says that the CW is on channel 7 so at promptly 6:50 pm I turn it to channel 7. Guess what is on channel 7? NOT THE CW! Its the AngelOne Channel. I am frantically flipping through all the channels trying to find the CW so I can watch 90210. I can't find it!!! I decided to call down to the front desk and ask them why the piece of paper says that channel 7 is the CW when, in fact, it is not the CW!!!!! The front desk lady replies, "this area no longer gets the CW". Again, YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME.

The Belle is sad. Very sad.



Mojito Maven said...

MAJOR BUMMER...I'm seriously crying for you!!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

oh no! you poor thing. what a rough night.

they'll do doubt replay 90210 on the CW or you can watch it online.

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Kudos for eating alone! I could never do that. To this day I swear I will never eat alone. My brother and mom do it all the time. However, I feel like people would be staring at me the whole time.

LyndsAU said...

oh me-what a tragic day you have had my friend! So sorry. Eating alone gets better LL :)

Easter said...

Good post.