Monday, September 15, 2008

The moment you have been waiting for

I was soo busy all weekend that I did not have time to cut up all your comments to the Giveaway Post and pull one out of an actual hat ... instead I told the Beau to choose a number between 1 and 53. This was much quicker and was totally legit because he had no idea about the giveaway :)

Okay so the Drum Roll, please .........

He chose #37! The lucky 37th commenter is Petunia! Yay!

Choosing the winner of the second umbrella was a bit tough because so many of you had such great, helpful suggestions. If I was a millionaire I would send all 53 of you monogrammed umbrellas! Thanks to all of you for offering your advice!!!

Many of you suggested Etsy and it is a great tool but, as mentioned, it is more for people who are hand-making products. You see, we don't hand make nothin :) But we sure can buy it and sell it!

We decided to award Sasha the second umbrella for her suggestion of starting a blog and adding pay-pal. If the blog grows we can then think about doing a traditional website. I think this will be a great start! Plus, Sasha is super good with the technical aspects of a blog so we may can convince her to help!!! I will let you all know when the blog is up and running!

Petunia and Sasha: Please send me an email and let me know whether you would like a pink or green umbrella, what you want as your monogram, and where you want it shipped!

This was fun girls and we will do it again real soon! A couple of you mentioned that you would like to purchase an umbrella even if you didn't win. If you are still interested, you can send me an email as well and we will work something out!



Sasha said...

Yay! Thanks so much! Off to email you!

So perfect since my Ralph Lauren plaid umbrella broke this weekend.

LyndsAU said...

Dang Beau :) ha! Kidding. Congrats to the winners. I might have to go buy me one now :)

Shan said...

I think a blog is a great idea, I will totally post a link on my blog. Congrats to the winners!

Petunia said...

Oh, wow!!!! Woo-hoo!
I can totally use this umbrella & it is so cute!
Thank you, Belle!! :-)