Friday, September 5, 2008

I am home ...

But not for long! We are headed to the mountains in just a bit for the weekend with another couple. I am looking forward to a fun, relaxing weekend with sweet friends! Oh and don't worry, we are not camping, we are staying in a mountain house. We are planning on watching football, going on a few hikes, and not much else.

I am leaving again to travel for work on Sunday night and won't return until Friday. And I have been gone from this past Monday until today. I haven't been home yet though - I am terrified of what my house looks like! It probably is not a good idea to even stop by. Whatcha think? Maybe since I will be gone so much this fall, the Beau will realize that we really do need a maid and this ain't no joke. Lets hope for that.

On another note, we need to spice things up around here! I am going to do a giveaway at the beginning of next week so stay tuned. You will LOVE it, cross my heart!

Have a great weekend!
Have fun!
Be Safe!
Be Good! (or be good at it)



morewineplease said...

Sounds like a really fun weekend! ENJOY!

preppy little dress said...

have a great weekend, hope you have great weather!

L Sqaured said...

I just came across your blog, it is too cute!! Have a great weekend! :)


Rebecca Taylor said...

I hope you had fun!