Monday, September 29, 2008

TV Talk

I am not really a tv fanatic ... Gossip Girls, 90210, The Hills, the gazillion reality shows, I could take 'em or leave 'em. I do like Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives but I wouldn't cry if they were taken off the air. My favorite shows of all time are sitcoms like Friends, Will & Grace, Seinfeld, and Everybody Loves Raymond. Now that is quality tv in my book! Sitcoms don't seem to be very popular anymore and I am not sure why but do any of you watch Two and a Half Men?

Funniest. Kid. Ever. Hands Down.

If you have never watched this show you need to watch re-runs because it isn't quite as funny as Jake has gotten older - but still pretty funny. The Beau and I watch 2 re-runs almost every night and we both love this kid! You have to appreciate dry humor though because it is extremely dry.

My dad and I also like The New Adventures of Old Christine. Do any of you watch that? It is pretty funny as well. Barb makes the show ... I love her voice.

I am not expecting many comments from ya'll on this one because I have a feeling you may not be in to these shows but they really are good. Seriously :) Maybe you all will surprise me!

I think I like sitcoms because it is easy tv and nothing too terribly bad ever happens. I am going to share something incredibly embarrassing. You ready? I watch Nick at Nite every single solitary night as I fall asleep. Pathetic, huh?! I like to have the tv on as I fall asleep and I do not like to watch anything remotely scary so Nick at Nite it is. I have probably seen every episode of Home Improvement, George Lopez, Roseanne, The Cosby Show, Family Matters, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The Beau is such a sport and turns it on channel 64 every night before he gets in bed even though he HATES it. Last night he was trying to watch some show called The Unit and I could not fall asleep with it on because something about those kind of shows scare me. I HATE Law and Order, I hate CSI, and/or anything of that nature. Basically I hate anything with mature content, haha. Sucks for him cause who wants to be married to the Nick at Nite girl? I always tell him that I am sorry that I prefer wholesome, light hearted comedy ... he says that he doesn't think that Roseanne is wholesome!

Oh and I forgot that I also like Mad About You and The Nanny .... oh gosh, I really am pathetic!



Mrs. Buck said...

I love 2.5 men! I agree, he's so funny, there's just something about that show that makes me stop and watch every time its on. I also love the New adventures of old Christine, but I can never figure out when its on in our area so I only catch it every once in a while.

The Pink Owl said...

I love 2 1/2 men! And...the Cosby Show is my absolute favorite show ever!!

Wila (aka Ali) said...

I LOVE the New Adventures! Julia Louis is so crazy, she makes me roll with laughter. It's a great show for some easy laughs! How great was the season premier? Enjoy!

Barefoot in the Park said...

i agree totally! i discovered 2 and 1/2 men this summer! (plus, its one of the only ones the BF and I both enjoy!)

boo.mama said...

The Nanny is one of my all time faves. I love when Lifetime hosts a marathon!!

LyndsAU said...

I used to LOVE The Nanny. And it's so funny you said Beau hates Nick at Nite. Every night I fall asleep to Will and Grace. :) But secretly, I think Adam likes it now :) ha!

Julia said...

OH i LOVE mad about you, i totally want my marriage to be like theirs. they are so funny and sweet to each other, they aren't perfect but they make do!! also i HATE mature TV, i can't deal with the violence, it gives me nightmares!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

mad about you, friends, will and grace... those are my favorites. we also LOVE wings and news radio. both hilarious shows, too.

i've only seen two and a half men a couple of times, but my parents love it. and they love how i met your mother.

30 rock, the office, and my new is earl are all hilarious shows and technically they're sitcoms. they just don't have the "laugh track!" :)

i can't stand the hills, by the way. and grey's anatomy depresses me to no end!

SLS said...

I fall asleep with Nick at Night on too! I love Will & Grace, Seinfeld and the New Adventures and you are right they don't make shows like Seinfeld and Friends anymore. But I also like dramas crime scene/police dramas.
I seriously thought I was the only person that watches Nick at Night!

suburban prep said...

Love 2 1/2 men. As for the Christine Adventures NOT a FAN.

Tracy said...

I haven't seen the newer sitcoms you are talking about but I will watch Friends and Seinfled re-runs anytime they are on. Friends has to be my all time favorite.

The Office is my sitcome these days. Love it! Does Ugly Betty count as a comedy? Maybe a dramady? It is another must watch.

I admit - I watch The Hills. Not too thrilled about this season...more staged than ever in my opinion.

Monogramchick said...

I love two and a half men. As I type this men, men, men, men manly men, men, men is going through my head! I watch it before I go to sleep most every night :)

I was an ADPi at Samford Univesity in Birmingham. It is fun to meet fellow sisters via the internet!

L Sqaured said...

I Love sitcoms!!!! We love. Reba! We watched every single episode atleast twice and were so sad when it cancelled! If u haven't seen it you have to check it out!

Erin said...

Expecting no comments?? Ha! I think there are a lot more of us out there that miss classic sitcoms than you think! I thank my stars for Nick and Nite. They just ran a marathon of Cosby Show favorite episodes. I DVR'd it for posterity!!

tlm said...

I was JUST thinking the exact same thing yesterday while watching the blue hat show. I just got into this show this summer and love it. I rarely laugh out loud during a TV show, but this one does it. The New Adventures show is also a good one!

tracypartyof4 said...

You're so funny LL!
Miss you!

Southern Fried Girl said...

You are so right - that kid is not nearly as funny now, huh?

oh and as for Christine, I love it. She makes me laugh so hard. She makes me feel like perhaps I am not doing so bad because she is just such a mess. LOLOL

because I said so said...

Oh I LOVE 2.5 men....and I also watch Christine....Wanda Sykes is hilarious. I also love Rules of Engagement and How I Met Your Mother. I don't get a lot of TV time anymore with those minis running around.....

BroncoMom said...

In our complicated world all the shows you listed are exactly the ones we NEED to WATCH NOW.
Has a tv excutive from any network ever stopped and asked any of us what WE would like to watch?
I don't think so!

Shan said...

I agree with not watching scary stuff before bed, if I do watch something intense or scary I always have to watch something light and fluffy before I go to sleep.

Mojito Maven said...

oh how I wish they would bring back classic sitcoms! remember mad about you? or third rock from the sun?...I miss friends and will and grace...seinfeld too!!!

I've never watched 2 1/2 men but I will start!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

My all time favorite show was Friends! But Mr. Guru and I love Two n Half Men! Mostly we like the kid as well!

Mrs. Buck said...

I left you a little bloggy love over on my blog!

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Mrs.Preppy said...

We love those 2 shows!

Bluebird said...

I love Two and a Half Men!!! But NOTHING beats FRIENDS. I'm pretty sure if I had to go more than a month without watching FRIENDS I would probably show either signs of withdrawal or the early signs of depression- I have no idea why, but I can laugh at the same jokes 1,000+ times.

Grits said...

Friends is definitely my all time fave, but I'm with you on the sitcom love...they are the best shows! (and they keep me smiling!)

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