Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

We drove up to the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Georgia for the weekend. I had never been before and it was such a fun trip! Just as I had hoped, we had a great, relaxing time. On Friday night we ate dinner at a good restaurant on the way up and we got to the cabin fairly late. Saturday morning we got up and went on a short hike to see a suspension bridge ... it's the largest suspension bridge east of the Mississippi. Just giving you the facts ~ I knew you wanted to know that :) Here are some pics ...

After our hike we wanted something to drink so we stopped at this gas station/ restaurant/ store/ bait shop. It was the most bizarre store I have ever stepped foot in (but they did have some good home-made fudge). Outside the store there were these huge anti-Obama billboards. They were actually too mean (even for me) so I don't think I am going to share them even though I did take pictures. But have a look at these ... WARNING: these could be the most redneck, white-trash images you have ever seen.

After that experience we did a little shopping downtown and then went and ate barbeque here. If you are ever anywhere near these mountains I would suggest stopping at this little joint because it was soo good! We went home and changed in to our bathing suits so that we could go tubing down the river but unfortunately once we got there it was already closed for the day. Instead we decided to go to this apple orchard. We are all looking around, sampling all sorts of different apples, ciders, jams, etc. and the next thing I know the Beau shows up with a hot apple fritter and a huge scoop of ice cream. I took a bite and it was some kind of good but I refrained from getting my own.

That evening Katy and I made tacos and we watched (and made the boys watch) Definitely, Maybe.

Have ya'll seen this movie? It might possibly have been the best light-hearted, love-story movie I have seen in a looong time. Abigail Breslin is way too cute and Ryan Reynolds is too! Go rent this tomorrow if you haven't already watched it.

We spent the rest of the night playing Cranium. And if you haven't played this game you are totally missing out. We always seem to play this with other couples and always end up either in World War 3 or laughing so hard we can't breath. Luckily, the latter happened this time. Sometimes it gets a little competitive! If you are not familiar with the game, there is a part when you have to act out a word, sort of like charades. Well the boys were both acting out the word and Katy and I were in competition to guess the word first. The word was: REPRODUCE. You can only imagine how the boys were trying to act out that word (especially after a couple of beers). My stomach hurt so bad we were laughing so hard. I would pay a million dollars to have had that on video!

We came early home this morning and I immediately left to travel for the week. 6 am is gonna come early ... I wish we were still in the mountains!


Ps: As I was writing this post I laughed a little bc I thought it was funny I was talking about suspension bridges, tubing and apple orchards. As many of us probably know, these things aren't really "in my element". But it's fun to step out of the box every once in a blue moon!


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

sounds like a really fun weekend. now, get to work! :)j/k

morewineplease said...

looks like a great time, some of those pics are hilarious!
You talked me into renting that movie~

LyndsAU said...

Sounds like yall had fun! I am so glad! Have fun traveling dear!

Tracy said...

I have that movie on my Netflix list. I think my hubby might of moved it down the list - I'll have to move it up.

Sounds like a fun weekend!

Marian said...

Next time you visit the Blue Ridge area, please feel free to check out our cabin rentals before coming. You may like them so much, and may want to stay in them.

Petunia said...

Ooh, I was wondering if Definitely, Maybe would be a good rental! I may get it this weekend!