Monday, September 1, 2008

I Missed

I missed Gossip Girls!!!! I am on central time and didn't even think about it. It came on at 7 pm here. BOO!!! I will probably miss 90210 tomorrow night too since I will be working late. Double BOO!!! How do you central time peeps deal with that? I seldom have dinner on the table by 7. If you watch all the good shows at 7 and 8 (8 and 9 eastern time) what do you do for the rest of the evening? Maybe you do housework ... I wouldn't know about that!

Ohh I just found where I can watch online.

And by the way, someone asked me in a comment what peeps are. They are people. You know, "my peeps" - my people. Unless I am talking about the marshmallow goodness that comes out at Easter time ... Peeps. Confusing? I apologize.



Anonymous said...

it's the marshmellow goodness that I was confused about!!! I am sooo excited to find someone else who watches Gossip Girl!! I am downloading it right now!! Can't wait to watch!!

Tracy said...

First of all the whole peeps thing gave me a giggle.

Second, I can't speak for every person in the central time zone. But I DVR (like TIVO) all my shows and then watch them when the little miss hits the sack at 8pm. Or the next day when she is napping.

Laurie said...

You are going to love it! It was a perfect season premiere. Blair's wardrobe/hair/makeup was the best too!

klcstar said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog and a few others for a few months now and finally decided to start one of my own! Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself and say hello! I hope it's ok that I added you to my blog roll :)


preppy little dress said...

you're not alone, i also missed it! gladto hear i can watch it online - although don't they also post show it on sundays?

LyndsAU said...

You are a hoot. 90210 was awesome :) needed you this morning to talk all about it :(